Levels 2, 3, and 4 are achieved after completing the first, second, and third years in the doctoral programme. This applies to active studies in full-time doctoral education. In cases where the individual study plan covers 5 years, the salary is raised to level 2 instead after 15 months, level 3 after 30 months, and level 4 after 45 months. In cases where the doctoral programme according to the individual study plan is conducted part-time, the salary is raised to level 2 instead after 24 months, level 3 after 48 months, and level 4 after 72 months.

The Head of Department decides on the level achieved, after consultation with the responsible supervisor at the university, and is responsible for reporting new salary to HR. The salary change takes place from the month following the submitted documentation.

An individual assessment in addition to the minimum wage specified can be made given:

  • achieved results in the doctoral programme
  • relevant professional experience/research experience
  • the scope and nature of the teaching component
  • market reasons
  • educational background

For more information regarding collective agreements and contract terms and the wage level of the doctoral student salary ladder, see Terms of employment.