Teaching or other administrative duties

As a support within the framework of teaching, you as a doctoral student should undergo a course in higher education pedagogy or be able to demonstrate corresponding knowledge from previous experiences. The recommendation is to take this course as early as possible after you have started your doctoral programme so that you have a good foundation to stand on when you conduct teaching at the Bachelor’s and/or Master’s level.

The scope and content of your departmental duties must be stated in your individual study plan. The position must be designed with this in mind, so that the teaching is relevant to your doctoral studies. To ensure that this is achieved, departmental duties must be planned through a joint discussion between you as a doctoral student and both the Director of Studies for doctoral education programme and the Director of Studies for Bachelor’s/Master’s educational programmes. However, you must be aware that it is not certain that your departmental duties will be evenly distributed over the course of your doctoral studies. Some periods may involve more departmental duties than others. However, this must be compensated over time so that the total sum never covers more than 20% of working time. Overtime work within the framework of, for example, departmental duties are not to be imposed on you as a doctoral student.