Doctoral degree conferment ceremony 2025

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On 8 May, the day before the Academic Ceremony, a rehearsal will be held at 13:30 at the Borås Congress Centre. During the rehearsal, we will go through all of the elements that will take place during the ceremony. This rehearsal is mandatory. 

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There are a number of insignia used in connection with the doctoral conferment ceremony to highlight those being awarded a doctorate. At the University of Borås, a hat/laurel wreath, ring, and diploma are used. Which doctoral degree you have earned determines whether you wear a hat or a laurel wreath during the ceremony. Read more about insignia. 


Hats are reserved for: 

Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Material Technology (in Swedish: Teknologie doktor i textilteknologi), Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts, Doctor of Philosophy in Caring Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery (in Swedish: Teknologie doktor i resursåtervinning). 


The hats are handmade upon request and have to be ordered a couple of months ahead of the ceremony. You must order and purchase the hat yourself. We recommend that you visit the hat maker so that a measurement of your head and shape can be made correctly. Please inform the Master of Ceremony once you have placed your order. The last date for ordering your doctoral hat is 1 February 2025. 


Please contact Franzéns Hattmakeri to order your doctoral hat:
Franzéns Hattmakeri
Västra Skansgatan 1B
413 02 Göteborg


The university has a number of doctotal hats to borrow. However, the number of hats and their sizes are limited. We recommend that you purchase your own hat to get it fitted properly to your head. If you still want to inquire about borrowing a hat, please contact the Master of Ceremony.

Laurel wreath

Laural wreaths are reserved for:
Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Management and Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery (in Swedish: Filosofie doktor i resursåtervinning) and Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Material Technology (in Swedish: Filosofie doktor i textilteknologi).

The university provides wreaths for those who are awarded the doctoral degrees and will make the order. The wreath is handmade upon request and the circumference (centimetres) of your head is needed for making the wreath. Please insert below.


To measure your head for a laurel wreath, it is easiest to do as follows; take the measurement with a measuring tape. Place the bottom edge of the measuring tape at the top edge of your eyebrows and measure horizontally around your head. Be as exact as possible. Remember to consider the hairstyle you intend to have during the event.


It is optional to buy a ring. Please remember that the ring must be ordered no later than one month before the doctoral conferment ceremony. 


Suggestion for place of purchase:
Hovjuvelerare Martin Johansson AB
Kungsportsavenyn 27
400 14 Gothenburg
Phone: 031-160050


The university is not involved in ring purchasing, but you pelase notify the Master of Ceremony when you have purchased a ring. You take the ring with you to the ceremony.

Pronunciation of your full name

Your name will be announced during the ceremony, and we want to ensure the pronunciation is as accurate as possible. Please email an audio file clearly stating your full name (as provided above) to We need your audio file by 28 February 2025.

Dress code

The dress code for participants in the ceremony is white tie (formal/ceremonial attire). Learn more about the dress code.

Informational briefing

For those who are attending the Academic Ceremony an informational briefing will be held on Tuesday, 4 February 2025. You can choose to participate either in person or via Zoom. Following your registration, you will receive a separate calendar invitation via email.

Doctoral thesis title

The title of your doctoral thesis will be printed in ceremonial texts and on the university's website, etc. Therefore, it is important to ensure the correct title have been received from the Degree Certification Office.


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