Doctoral degree

To apply for a diploma

Applications for degrees and diplomas at the doctoral level are made in Ladok or via a special application form after the courses and the doctoral thesis have been formally approved.

Application form - application for a doctoral degree

The diploma is a document that shows that you have met the requirements for a certain degree. The diploma from the University of Borås is bilingual (Swedish/English). Diplomas must be issued as soon as possible after the complete application for a degree has been received by the university.

The diploma contains an appendix, called a diploma supplement, which describes the degree obtained and its place in the Swedish education system.

It is important to note that a diploma is issued only once in its original. It is possible to get a copy of the archive copy which the university saves. At the Degree Certification Office, these are saved for one year. Older copies can be obtained from the university's archives.


If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the university, you can appeal this to the Board of Appeal (Överklagandenämnden in Swedish)  for the university.