Report templates

There is a report template for reports written in Swedish and those written in English. The format of the reports is A4 to make them easy to print out on a regular printer, but they are also available in 165x242 mm format for you to use if you plan to have your report printed professionally. 

Swedish report template A4 (Word)
Swedish report template 165 x 242 mm (Word)

English report template A4 (Word)
English report template 165 x 242 mm (Word)



  • If you would like another front page than the standard patterned front page, please contact the Communications Office at and ask for help with this. It is easiest if you leave the front page in the Word file so that it can be removed when the two files are merged.
  • You can print the report yourself if necessary in A4 format. If you are going to professionally print your report, please use the customised 165x242 mm report template. However, it is important that you use high-resolution images and export it as a high-resolution PDF before sending it to the printer.
  • If you need to delete pages in Word, there are a few different ways to do this. One way is:
    1) Go to the View menu and select "Navigation pane."
    2) Click anywhere on the page you want to delete and press Ctrl+G. Paste this text: \page and then press the "enter" key and tick the box.
    3) Click on the "delete" key.
    (If you want to delete a chapter page, you must first delete the image before you can delete the page.)
  • Need more chapter pages for your report? You can do this by selecting the page and copying it with Ctrl+C, then pasting the image onto a blank page with Crtl+V.
    If the image and text box are not included in the copy, you can copy two pages instead to ensure that you include the chapter image and text box. To do this: click on the page before the chapter image and drag the pointer to select this page and the following chapter image. Then copy and paste onto a blank page. Next, delete the content you don't need.