Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement facilitates recognition

The Swedish government has decided that in order to facilitate recognition of foreign qualification, with each Degree Certificate issued there shall also be a document included. This document describes the Degree issued and its status in the Swedish education system (the Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 6 § 15). The document is called Diploma Supplement and shall facilitate recognition and evaluation of a Swedish education at employment and further studies, both in Sweden and abroad.

The use of Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement (DS) ) is a document attached to a higher education diploma aiming at improving international ‘transparency’ and at facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates etc.). It is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were successfully completed by the individual named on the original qualification to which this supplement is appended. It should be free from any value-judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition. It is a flexible non-prescriptive tool which is designed to save time, money and workload. It is capable of adaptation to local needs.

The DS is produced by national institutions according to a template that has been developed by a Joint European Commission - Council of Europe - UNESCO working party that tested and refined it.

The DS is composed of eight sections (information identifying the holder of the qualification, information identifying the qualification, information on the level of the qualification, information on the contents and results gained, information on the function of the qualification, additional information, certification of the Supplement, information on the national higher education system). Information in all eight sections should be provided. Where information is not provided, an explanation should give the reason why.
A description of the national higher education system within which the individual named on the original qualification graduated has to be attached to the DS. This description is provided by the National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARICs) and is available on the website: www.enic-naric.net

The Diploma Supplement does not replace the Degree Certificate

The document is a complement to the Degree Certificate. The Degree Certificate is not to be changed, it shall keep it is normal status. The document should be attached to the Degree Certificate, it does not replace it. In any given case, the Diploma Supplement does not automatically lead to admission or recognition.
Diploma Supplement is not:
- a curriculum vitae (CV)
- a replacement for the Degree Certificate
- an automatic system that guarantees recognition

For more information about Diploma Supplement, please visit Swedish Council for Higher Education (external link).