Application for a degree

To apply for a diploma

Applications are made from Ladok, log into Ladok

You can also apply for a diploma on a designated form (pdf). The form can be downloaded or ordered from our office.

Below you find a video on how to apply for degree certificate in Ladok.


To be eligible for a degree certification according to the current Higher Education Ordinance your must meet a number of criteria´s.  The fundamental one is that you have begun your studies before July 1 2007 and continued your studies thereafter or begun your studies after the previous mentioned date.

To notice when applying

  • Only finished courses/modules is allowed in a diploma.
  • A diploma can only contain the specified amount of higher education credits. Additional credits may be obtained by Course Certificates.
  • When applying for a degree at the Second Level it’s a requirement that you hold a Degree of Bachelor, a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in…, a professional degree worth at least 180 higher education credits or an equivalent foreign qualification.

Processing time for the degree application is normally less than two weeks, but during the summer the processing time is around five to six weeks.

If you are dissatisfied with the decision taken by the University of Borås, you have the right to appeal to The Higher Education Board of Appeals.