Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Risks and limitations of AI

As a general rule, when using AI tools, do not share personal data or other data that is at risk of being disseminated. There is a high risk that what you share with the AI tool will then be owned by the company that owns the tool.

Keep in mind that AI generates answers based on probability and not on what is actually true. In addition, AI can exclude important or even crucial facts and information.

Before using any kind of AI

Before using an AI tool in your course or in connection with an examination, always first check whether it is allowed. To be on the safe side, assume that it is not permitted to use AI tools unless it is explicitly stated that it is permitted. If you do not know for what, in what way, or if it is appropriate or allowed to use AI tools at all, then ask your teacher.

Even if it is permitted to use AI-generated text, you may not submit it as your own text during examination. You must always be transparent about how and when you used AI. Make sure, like with other references, that you specify all forms of AI use. Also keep in mind that this applies even if you have rewritten or replaced some words.

The use of AI for text generation, coding, media production or the like may therefore not be permitted in your educational programme. The reason for this is that in some cases AI does not help you develop skills that the educational programme is aimed at or that your submission to an examination makes it impossible for a teacher to assess what exactly you are capable of.

Please note that unauthorised use of AI tools in connection with an examination can be classified as a disciplinary offense and will therefore be reported as a disciplinary case according to Chapter 10 of the Higher Education Ordinance.