Important dates

 Academic calendar

The start and end dates of the current and upcoming semesters are:

Spring 2024: 2024-01-15 – 2024-06-02
Autumn 2024: 2024-09-02 – 2025-01-19
Spring 2025: 2025-01-20 – 2025-06-08
Autumn 2025: 2025-09-01–2026-01-18
Spring 2026: 2026-01-19–2026-06-07
Autumn 2026: 2026-08-31–2027-01-17
Spring 2027: 2027-01-18–2027-06-06
Autumn 2027: 2027-08-30–2028-01-16
Spring 2028: 2028-01-17–2028-06-04

The academic year is divided into four study periods

Autumn Semester

Period 1: Late August/early September to the end of October/beginning of November
Period 2: Beginning of November to mid-January

Spring Semester

Period 3: Mid-January to the end of March/early April
Period 4: Early April to the beginning of June

International Students

International students new to Sweden and Swedish higher education is strongly encouraged to participate in the Orientation Days prior to starting their studies in Borås. The Orientation days are held Thursday and Friday the week before the start of the semester. The Orientation days are mandatory for Exchange students.  Read more about the Orientation Days.

Breaks during the academic year

There are no official breaks during the semesters but there might be periods without lectures. You can check that in your schedule. However, please note that the schedules are usually not finished until shortly before the start of the programme/course.  To your schedule (external link) (search for the name or course code).

The autumn semester ends in January and thus lasts over Christmas. However, some courses may finish before that. For exchange students who are in Borås for the autumn semester, it is advisable to discuss with your course coordinator before you book your return travel to ensure that you complete all the necessary tasks. Failure to do so may result in you not receiving your credits.