Erasmus+ Form for Exchange Studies

Details regarding your Erasmus+ exchange

International Office requires this information in order to process your Erasmus exchange and the corresponding grant.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

The start date should be the first day you will be physically present in the host country for an academic reason. Welcome days (also known as "orientation days" or "introduction days") can be counted towards the study period.

The end date is the last day you will be physically present in the host country for an academic reason.

Green travel

If the majority of your travel to and from the host country is done with environmentally friendly transport means you can receive a top-up on your grant. Both the travel to and from the destination is counted; it is not enough to travel green in only one direction. Environmentally friendly transport means includes carpooling (at least two people), train and bus.

If you will travel with environmentally friendly means, you can receive a grant for up to 4 travel days, a maximum of 2 days per direction. A travel day is a day you need for transport to/from the host country. Travel that takes place the same day that the studies abroad start/end does not count as an extra travel day.

Privacy Notice

Personal data that you provide about yourself in the form and during the mobility process will be processed by the university for the purpose of decision-making, documenting, administrating and following up the mobility. The personal data will be kept and erased according to applicable statutory regulations and disposal decisions. The University of Borås is the controller of the processing of personal data, with a legal basis for the processing in article 6.1 (b) (e) and article 9.2 (g) of the General Data Protection Regulation as well as chapter 3 § 3 para. 2 of the Swedish Data Protection Act.

The personal data will be made available to the Swedish Council for Higher Education and the European Commission for their independent processing of the data for the purpose of implementing and following up the mobility. You can read the European Commission’s privacy statement here:

Read more about how the University of Borås processes your personal data and what rights you have at the university’s website,