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Exchange studies

The University of Borås has exchange agreements with universities in over 35 countries. The advantages with studies at a partner university are for example:

  • The University of Borås has established contacts with the partner university.
  • Partner universities often provide support to exchange students.
  • You do not have to pay any tuition fees to the receiving university.
  • You will receive recognition for your studies abroad and will be included in your degree certificate.

When can you go?

Several study programmes at the University of Borås offer students the opportunity to go abroad as an exchange student. When you can go depends on your study programme.

Where can you go?

How do I start?

It is a good idea to start to talk to the international coordinator responsible for your study area. It is your faculty who decides if and when you can go on exchange, as well as which courses you can study and which courses in your programme you can exchange.

Contact information to international coordinators 

Support for student with disabilities

If you have a disability and want to study abroad, there are possibilities for support at most partner universities. It is important that you contact the university coordinator for targeted study support well in advance of the exchange.

When doing an exchange semester within a scholarship programme (Erasmus+ and Nordplus), in may be possible to receive extra financial support in case you are in need of additional aid to enable the exchange. This type of application is managed by the International Office together with the coordinator for targeted study support and the student.

For more information, contact the university coordinator for targeted study support.

Notification of interest

When you have decided that you want to participate in exchange studies you shall submit a notification of interest in an online form, see link below. The deadline is 15 February for exchange studies taking place during the coming autumn semester and 15 June for next spring semester.  The number of places at each partner university is limited and if many students wishes to study at the same university, a selection can in some cases be done.

Form for notification of interest

Entry requirements and selection criteria


In terms of courses it is your responsibility as a student to investigate the offer at the chosen partner university, with support from the international coordinator. Collect as detailed information as possible about the courses (description of courses, literature lists, time tables, number of teaching hours etc.) Please note that the course offering can change and that it can be necessary to change courses before and during the exchange period. In a Learning agreement you and your Faculty, the Assistant Head of Department, and the receiving university, agree on what courses you will study and confirming that you will receive recognition for the courses studied at the partner university. This way you can be sure that you can continue your studies and graduate as planned when you return to the University of Borås. All changes regarding courses must be accepted by the director of studies or similar and documented in the changed Learning agreement

Application to the partner university

When you have received a decision from your international coordinator and been nominated for exchange studies, it is time to apply to the partner university.

Please note that:

  • There might be a last date for application
  • There might be a specific application form
  • Certain documents must be attached to your application

Information about the application process and the application form can be found at the web page of the partner university. Please note that the University of Borås can not guarantee admission since the receiving university has the right to determine which students are admitted to exchange studies. It is your responsibility to make sure that the application to the partner university is complete and submitted in time.

Recognition of credits

If possible - bring a transcript of records, already when you return home. It is your responsibility to receive a transcript or to make sure that the partner university send the transcript to you when you have returned home. If the original transcript is sent to the University of Borås we will pass it on to you. You must contact the international coordinator responsible for your study area to make sure your credits will be recognised. 


For exchange studies at a partner university you can in many cases get a scholarship. You can for example receive an Erasmus grant for studies at a partner university in most countries Europe.