Problem with your study situation

Who should I contact?

If you contacted your teacher or course director about some form of abuse without being listened to and want to report the matter that you are not satisfied with, then you should contact the head of department, next. You can find contact information for the head of department on the university’s homepage:

You can phone or send an e-mail. The head of department must then see to it that you get an answer to your question.

Should your teacher, course director, or head of department decide that your matter needs to be investigated and that the university needs to take an official stance on the matter, then a formal complaint will be initiated. With a formal complaint, the university will register your written/e-mail messages or alternatively take a statement on what you orally reported to an employee and investigate it in accordance with administrative law. This means that the problem that you complained of will be investigated and that you will receive a written response/decision from the university.

According to the provisions of the Discrimination Act, if there is suspicion of harassment or sexual harassment, special regulations apply. The university is obligated to investigate any case where an employee of the university is made aware of such an occurrence.

Be that as it may, you are always able to register a formal complaint with the university. A complaint should contain information on:

  • What/who you are dissatisfied with

Your contact information as well as your name (you can be anonymous, but that can affect the university’s ability to conduct an investigation as well as give you feedback).

The university’s address:

The University of Borås
501 90 Borås


Submit a report with the help of the form on the page: Report/complaint against the university.

The university is a government funded public authority, which is why documents that are sent from the university or established by the university become public documents and may be disclosed to anyone making such a request, unless the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act states otherwise.

Where can I get support and help?

If you are hesitant about your situation and don’t know how to handle your problem/complaint, you can get help and support from different support functions at the university. You can find the most important ones listed below.

Student representative

  • Listens to and discusses student matters.
  • Supports you in evaluating and judging different options for the actual matter.

Student representative

Students Union

  • Advice and support to students with problems associated with their studies.

Student Union (external webpage)

Student Health Care

  • Individual discussions.

Student Health Care