Copying and printing


As a student you have the ability to print on the university printers. As a new student you get a number of free print credits preloaded on your account.

The University use the PaperCut system for printing charges.

You can log in with your username and password to see your print balance, see your print history and recharge your account via PayPal. You can also buy vouchers at Studentexpeditionen, the library and in the university reception. 

If you are logged into the university computers you can easily see your current balance for PaperCut via the icon on the bottom right of your screen. Double-click the icon to open a box that shows the current balance.

Printing service

At the University of Borås there are a number of multifunction printers that can print, copy and scan. The printing system uses Print and Collect, which means that you can print from your computer and then you can pick up your prints from any printer. All printouts is sent to a shared queue called print-and-collect, swipe your access card over the card reader on any machine to pick up your prints.

Errors and support

Campus and IT services maintains and serves the university’s printers. Error reports about dysfunctionality or need to change toner should therefore be mailed to You can also contact Campus and IT services directly at the desk on  B3.

Price list for printing and copying

  • 1 black/white A4-page: 0,50 credits
  • 1 color A4-page: 2 credits
  • 1 black/white A3-page: 1 credits
  • 1 color A3-page: 3 credits


Turn to the library to copy materials, where you can use your key to copy and charge your printing account.