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Filling out the forms

In order to fill out the forms electronically, we recommend that you either use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you use another browser, it works best if you open the form directly in a PDF reader. All forms can also be found at the Student Reception.

1 - Application to defer the start of studies 
If you have been admitted to a programme or a course but cannot start due to special reasons, you can apply to defer the start of your studies. 

2 - Application for a temporary interruption of studies (pdf) 
If you as a student wish to interrupt your programme, you need to make a written request. Guaranteed place on return is only possible if you have special reasons for the temporary interruption.

3 - Application of non-completion of studies (link to webform)
If you as a student wish to discontinue your course or programme studies, you need to make a written notification. If you discontinue your programme studies, there are no guarantees to continue if you wish to resume your studies.

4 - Application to resume studies after a temporary interruption of studies (pdf) 
After a temporary interruption of studies, you need to notify your return in accordance with the date stated in the decision.

5 - Application to resume studies after discontinuation (pdf)
If you have interrupted or been absent from your programme studies for a longer period of time but wish to resume your previous studies, you need to make a written application.

6 - Application for credit transfer for course/examination (pdf)
Students admitted to the University of Borås, who have previously undergone higher education with approved results, are entitled to apply for credit transfer. This may also apply for other equivalent education or knowledge acquired elsewhere, for example professional experience, according to the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 6 §§6-8 (SFS 1993:100).
Instructions for form nr 6 (pdf)

7 - Application for admission to later part of programme 
In case of there is space in a programme, you can apply for admission to a later part of a programme, given that you meet both the general and the specific entry requirements. You must have study results and contents that correspond to the first semester (or additional semesters, depending on which semester admission takes place) on the corresponding programme.

8 - Application for individual study plan (pdf)
As a student, you can apply for an individual study plan and take the programme courses in another order than the general one, for example if you have credit transferred from previous studies or other qualifications.

8 - Request for reassessment of decision of grade (pdf)
As a student, you are entitled to request a reassessment of an examination. 

10 - Request for reassessment of academic vocational training (pdf)
As a student, you are entitled to request a reassessment of your academic vocational training if you fail your academic vocational training (VFU).

11 - Request to change examiner (pdf)
As a student, you have the right to request a change of examiner if you have failed the same examination twice.

12 - Application to take examination in other location (link to webform)
If there are special circumstances, students may be allowed to take an examination at another location. The university leaves no guarantee that this can be done. The reasons and conditions are individually assessed for all cases.

13 - Application to take examination at the University of Borås (link to webform)
If you are a student at another university, you can apply to take an examination here, provided that the examination is given at the same time as at your home university.

14 - Application for exception from required knowledge (link to webform)
As a student, you can apply for exception from the required knowledge of a programme course, in order to continue your studies within the programme.

15 - Application for programme courses for programme students (pdf)
As a student, you can apply for taking elective courses given within your ongoing or another programme.

20 - Application for a diploma
You apply for a diploma when your education is complete. Read more on how to apply for a diploma.