Public network outlets

So that this can be possible, we have activated specific outlets in auditoriums and classrooms for VMPS. An outlet that has VMPS activated will investigate which computer is being connected to the outlet and then automatically connect the outlet to the correct virtual network. This means that you can take your personal computer and connect it to a VMPS outlet and get access to the network in the exact same way as in the computer’s ordinary outlet.

This function will initially be available in the larger auditoriums and teacher outlets in classrooms.

The outlets that are activated for VMPS are marked with a green marking or alternately with a green cable.


Computers that start with bootprom or PXE-boot do not work in these outlets, for example normal student computers. The Computer Services Office can reconfigure demo machines or similar that start today with bootprom so that they start normally from the hard drive.

External computers that do not belong to the university and are not assigned an IP address can despite this connect to the network in a green-marked VMPS outlet. Such a computer will then be connected to a protected network behind a firewall. To gain access to the internet through the firewall a login must occur by navigating to the address and entering a valid username and password. The computer should be setup for dynamic assignment of IP address (DHCP). External or temporary users can contact Central Service for a temporary username.

The fixed computers that are in many rooms are not affected by this system and will, as earlier, be configured as an educational computer and therefore require a user account to log on.