Study Techniques

Starting studies at a university can be a life-changing experience, with many new contexts and many new people. Above all, you have to learn your new subject area and grow in your knowledge and understanding. How do you learn what and how to prioritise? How do the examinations work and how much preparation is actually needed? Through these pages, we believe you can go further on your learning journey.

If you have been a student for a while but feel that your old study strategies aren't working, a deep dive into study techniques may also be a good idea. The topics that you are studying now may not be similar to those you previously studied or maybe you feel that the techniques you have now are too inefficient for the pace required for courses and programmes. We believe that you, as well, can also find useful information on our pages that may be helpful for your studies. Study techniques and reflection on one's own studies are always useful to come back to sometimes.

Where should I start?

You may be wondering where to start? Why not start by finding out as much as possible about the things that matter for your upcoming course?

  •     Read the syllabus and the course reading list. What are the goals to be achieved? What types of examinations are included in the course?
  •     Familiarise yourself with the learning platform Canvas and the relevant course activity
  •     Find out who the course coordinator is and who else teaches the course
  •     Check the schedule for the course and fill in important dates in your calendar
  •     Borrow or purchase course literature well in advance