Plan and organise

In order to plan, you need to understand what needs to be done and when. This also requires you to understand what consequences will occur if you do not. A realistic perception of time is a prerequisite for your planning to be sustainable and to work. And keep in mind that things often take longer than you think.

For example, if you plan your studies in a course, you can think and plan based on the following:

  •      Orientation time--what is the course about, read the syllabus and review the course reading list, read course instructions on Canvas, get the literature required
  •      Preparation time--based on course instructions and literature, get an overview prior to lectures/teaching
  •      Scheduled time--allocate time and put in your calendar that which is scheduled in the course, such as lectures, group work, labs and examinations
  •      Study time--set aside time in your calendar for when and how long you should study each day; write, for example, 08:00 - 09:00. Study notes from the previous lecture or read the first chapter.
  •      Writing time--set aside time to write a summary of notes from lectures, reports, assignments and more
  •     Review time--as you may know, review and repetition are memory's and knowledge's best friend. Make it a habit to review, often and continuously.
  •     Break time--add breaks in your schedule so you get energy, about 10-15 min
  •     Relationship time and leisure--don't forget to set aside time for interests, friends and family in your calendar
  •     Reward time--rewards are important to keep up your motivation and different things work for different people; put time in your calendar for when, how and what you want to reward yourself with. When the reward becomes visible, it will in itself be a goal that can help you accomplish what you have intended in regards to your studies.

Good planning also means that you need to prioritise. Make a priority list, for example, a to-do list for each week and day by day as well. It can be a good support. When something on the list is complete, check it off and reward yourself however you like. 

Good luck with your planning and your studies!