Browzine is available for the web and as an app or iOS and Android mobile devices. Whether you use BrowZine web or app, you can browse by subject, add journals, read and save articles and monitor your favourite journals.

The bulk of the University Library-subscribed e-journals are available through BrowZine. The latest 12 volumes of a journal are displayed in BrowZine. Older volumes of a journal are linked to the journal list.

In order to be able to create your own bookshelf, monitor journals and more, and to keep the app and web service synchronized, you need to create an account for BrowZine.

Use BrowZine web

You find BrowZine on the University Library web site or by BrowZine Library. If you have an account for the BrowZine app you can also use it for BrowZine web. Else you can create an account by click "Settings".

Use BrowZine app

To use BrowZine on a mobile device you have to download the app from the App Store or Google Play to your tablet or smartphone. Then go to "Settings" and select Högskolan i Borås as your library and create an account it you don't already have one. Now you can start creating your own library of journals.

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More information

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