How to register publications in DiVA

Register in DiVA

Please note that this is for researchers and PhD students only. Undergraduate students register their essays through the local academy administrator.

The easiest way to register a work in DiVA is to use the library's form.

If you don't want to use that form, you can log in and register your works yourself. Please note that posts will still be checked by a librarian, and that any attachments won't be visible publicly until this check is done.

After you log in you can start the registration process with:

1. Add publication / Upload files
2. Add the publication type you want to register
3. Enter information into the fields that are relevant  
4. Add a full text if it is possible 
5. Accept the DiVA publishing conditions
6. Make sure that everything is filled in correctly and submit the form 

Please note that publishing information in DiVA means the University will process your personal information. Read more about what this means in the university's Privacy Policy

Guides for registering publications in DiVA

Tip: Authors at the University of Borås are often in the system already. To check, enter their short signature in the designated field and klick connect authority record. This will automatically enter their details in the blank field:

Publication registered at a different Higher Education Institution not showing up in DiVA

Unfortunately DiVA doesn't currently support the automatic import of data between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in Sweden. This means that co-authors of the same publication at different HEIs, or authors with dual affiliations will need to register that publication in all the relevant local instances of DiVA. However, co-authors at Borås only need to register a publication once, and it will show up for all local authors.

Errors in the registering process

If you happen to find one of your publications and see that it is registered incorrectly you can log in to DiVA and change the publication record. Note that you have to be registered as an author to the publication to change it.  

If you can't edit the record, please contact us at the library. 

Making the change

When you log in you choose "Edit/ delete record". Search for the faulty record and make the changes in the form. 

Note that you can't change a record that has a newly attached document. The administrator has to look through the post first.  

Check publishers' guidelines and copyright

To be able to deposit the full text to an institutional repository like DiVA, you have to make sure that you are allowed to do this through your publisher. You want to parallel publish your material to be able to reach as many people as possible with your research. Most publishers do allow parallel publishing usually with some kind of embargo. You can always double check the publisher’s conditions using the database SHERPA/RoMEO. You can find more information about parallel publishing on Open Access.