Individual Language Support

About Individual Language Support

If you have questions about academic language, or would like to improve your academic language skills in Swedish or English, you are welcome to book an appointment for individual Language Support. You can receive advice on how to develop your oral and written academic skills further, or receive feedback on part of text or oral presentation.

The service is available to students registered at University of Borås, and in connection with assignments that are part of the course or programme here.

Individual language support is by agreement given either here at campus Borås, or by means of the video conference tool Zoom.

Oral and Written Communication Skills

There is support available in how to develop oral, as well as written communication skills in an academic setting.

  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Written Communication Skills

Booking Individual Language Support

Individual language support is available according to language advisors' schedules. You book an appointment with one of the language advisors via e-mail. Use your UB student account address.

Sometimes many students ask för individual language support at the same time, so reach out to us well in advance to the time period you prefer.

If there is a shortage of booked times available for individual language support, you can always visit Language Lab Drop-in. Be advised, however,  that there is seldom room for in-depth guidance  in the Language Lab drop-in.

Contact - Language Advisors

Johanna Persson

Oral and Written Communication
Phone: 033-435 4265
Room number: J 437


Anna Ekman

Oral and Written Communication
033-435 4117
Room number: J 436