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Industrial Engineering and Management

The research area Industrial Engineering and Management involves interdisciplinary research in industrial applications. It has e.g. traditionally, involved analyzes of how companies should conduct technological development in order to achieve maximum profitability and most efficient growth in a global market.

 Market economy is a strong driving force for society's development. By combining knowledge for how economic aspects affect the industrial or socio-technical process, research in Industrial Economics can contribute to increased social benefit. 

Industrial Engineering and Management

The Research group has projects with local, regional, national and international partners.

Increased amount of data within what we know as Big Data is a challenge within many disciplines. How these data should be handled based on different aspects, increased access while maintaining information integrity. Today, this area is closely connected to the work that has begun within digitalization. Achievements in this area requires an infrastructure that can process large amounts of data. The technological development in which both mathematics and pure computer capacity and modeling enable completely different approaches (Cluster Computing, Computer Aided Innovation, AI etc.) is an important part of the research. The digital transformation we see from society (business, academia, society) driven by information being made available and utilized in new ways, is important factors. Digitization is NOT - the same thing as only digitally – compare this with development within computers (from computing and word processing machines to AI) Based on this, we see and study changes in behavior and business models as a result of the above (Shared Economics, service instead of product, behavioral economics) with a focus on the industrial value.