Automation and AI application in SME

Automation and AI application in SME

The goal is twofold:

to comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities for AI-enabled solutions in automation, sourcing, and product development within SMEs, and to design, test, and validate tailored AI solutions in collaboration with consortium companies.

Special Industry Challenges (SIC):

The project zeroes in on three high-level challenges crucial to SMEs:

Automation (SIC1):

a. Predictive Maintenance and Quality Control: Exploring how AI can be employed for predictive maintenance and quality control, enhancing efficiency.

b. Optimized Implementation: Investigating AI's role in optimizing production unit utilization, specifically focusing on computer numerical control (CNC) through load balancing.

Sourcing (SIC2):

a. Supply and Demand Predictions: Utilizing AI to predict variations in supply and demand, contributing to a more resilient sourcing strategy.

b. Supply Chain Optimization: Investigating AI applications for planning, routing, shipment size determination, and network analysis to predict lead times for a sustainable supply chain.

Product Development (SIC3):

a. Enhancing Products: Examining how AI can be utilized to enhance and streamline the product development processes.

b. Incorporating AI in Products and Services: Exploring strategies for SMEs to integrate AI applications effectively into their products and services.