Swedish companies and the University of Borås come together to discuss a more sustainable textile industry

In this context, representatives from industry partners and researchers from the University of Borås met for a workshop to discuss the smart, green, and digital transition for Swedish textile industries. The workshop's key questions were how Swedish textile industries are embracing these transitions in practises and relevant challenges, as well as what skills are required for current and future Swedish textile industry employees. Partners and researchers discovered the need for a holistic approach to developing current employees' skills in terms of digital, smart, and green transitions.

The workshop findings will facilitate the flow and co-creation of knowledge between higher education, vocational education, and the business sector within the Swedish textile sector to foster new, innovative, and multidisciplinary approaches to these transitions under the framework of three Erasmus+ projects ("Addtex; HackTex; DigiSmartTech").

Participants from the industrial partners include Gustav Larsson-Utas (Vividye AB), Fredrik Johansson (FOV Fabrics AB), Hans Andersson (AB Ludvig Svensson), Catrin Tammjärv (TST Sweden AB), Per-Arne Andersson (TST Sweden AB), Ellinor Niit (Imogo AB), and Emma Ingo (Vividye AB).

Participants from the Textile Material Technology research group at the Swedish School of Textiles, include Professor Vincent Nierstrasz, Junchun Yu (Senior Lecturer), Sina Seipel (Senior Lecturer), Mohammad Neaz Morshed (Researcher), Sweta Iyer (Researcher), and Razieh Hashemi. Johan Sandström from Nordiska Textilakademin has also participated to the workshop.

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