Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare

The Faculty has approximately 2,000 students and just over 100 employees. There is a wide range of undergraduate, specialist, distance and commissioned programmes as well as freestanding courses. Education is offered from the undergraduate to the doctoral level. All programmes are characterised by a focus on science for the professions and a sustainable work environment
A distinctive feature of the education and research environment is a high-tech training environment, the Clinical Training Centre, which provides the opportunity to strengthen clinical competence.
A special area of strength at the Faculty is the prehospital area (ambulance care) and high-tech research; here the University of Borås has a leading role in the Nordic region via PreHospen. This in combination with a long research tradition with a focus on existential care issues and learning gives the Faculty a unique profile. The Faculty also conducts research within the fields of management, governance and organisation.
Furthermore, education and research go hand in hand and studies are offered at the undergraduate, Master's, and doctoral levels. In the spring of 2017, doctoral education started in the area of the Human Perspective in Care. Currently, 17 doctoral students are in the programme under the supervision of around ten professors, 14 assistant professors/senior lecturers, and a number of senior researchers.
Programmes at our institution include general nursing education, midwifery, and seven specialist nursing programmes. In autumn 2019, we will launch two new education programmes within health care:

  • Specialist nursing education focusing on emergency care
  • Master's programme in caring science with a focus on prehospital and intra-hospital emergency care

We also have an undergraduate degree programme in public administration and the educational programme Organisational and Human Resources in the Society.

In January 2019, a police education programme tied to our Faculty starts up as well. It is a commissioned education run by the Faculty together with staff from the Swedish Police Authority.
At the Faculty, there are also three centres, collaborative arenas that have been identified as strategically important for the University of Borås: the Centre for Welfare Studies, and PreHospen—Centre for Prehospital Research. Another element at the Faculty is R&D Sjuhärad Welfare, which is a competence centre for research and development within the welfare area.
The Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare is divided into two departments:

  • Department of Work Life and Social Welfare
  • Department of Caring Science

For find out more about the research being conducted at the Faculty and to connect with our researchers, please visit our Research Portal.

If you are interested in doctoral studies within the Human Perspective in Care, please see more about Doctoral Education here at the University of Borås.