Master Programme in Resource Recovery - Biotechnology and Bioeconomy 120 hp

Spring 2024
Full-time 100%, Day

Spring 2025
Full-time 100%, Day

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Resource Recovery - Biotechnology and Bioeconomy - spring

Learn how to turn the challenges of wastes into new opportunities

This unique Master’s programme is for those who want to learn about how to use the biotechnology to turn the challenges associated with the huge amounts of waste generated by human activities into new opportunities for the development of a circular society. It is for those who want to learn more about green solutions for waste management and how it is possible to convert waste and by-products into sustainable products, as well as for those who want to learn how biology and biotechnology   are translated into practice in industry and trade.

Our programme in short

In this Master’s programme, you will build your skills in analysing and solving problems related to the transport, processing, and transformation of waste streams and residues into useful products using biotechnological methods and you will learn how to develop related processes and business enterprises.

Programme structure

In the first term, the programme focuses on courses related to biotechnology applications, bioprocesses, and bioeconomy.

During the second term you will acquire broad competencies within the present state and future directions within the field of resource recovery on both a global and national scale. This entails an exploration of business insights and methodological knowledge, including life cycle analysis.

Lastly, the programme includes a year-long 60 credits degree project, wherein you will investigate the area of your particular interest in depth. This degree project can be conducted either within the industry or in collaboration with our esteemed researchers and doctoral candidates at the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery and the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås. It is also possible to do a 30 credit-degree project by taking additional elective coursework relevant to the programme.

Career opportunities

This educational programme prepares you for professional roles as an engineer, product developer, researcher, or manager, where you need knowledge in biotechnology and process development in a circular bioeconomy. The programme will also make you a global community builder with the knowledge necessary to take on challenges, and to set up professional networks in biotechnology and circular bioeconomy.