Lea is looking forward to a broad spectrum of career opportunities

Why did you choose to study Resource Recovery Biotechnology and Bioeconomy?

“I was drawn to the programme because it addresses the pressing challenges we face today, placing a strong emphasis on practical applications, sustainability, and the economic aspects of resource recovery. What appealed to me most is that it doesn't limit me to an academic career but offers a broad spectrum of possibilities.”

What do you learn in your programme?

“The programme offers a comprehensive understanding of resource recovery and biotechnology, covering a wide range of theoretical knowledge. It goes beyond the classroom by providing insights into real-world applications and opportunities. The hands-on experience gained through projects with companies prepares us for both industry and academia.”

What is the best thing about the programme?

“Its strength lies in its perfect blend of theory and practice, as well as its unique combination of academia and industry applications. The option to undertake a year-long thesis is invaluable, offering deep insights and helping students figure out their path post-graduation.”

What did you do before you started your studies at the University of Borås?

“I am originally from Germany where I completed my Bachelor's in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at TU Dresden. Before joining the University of Borås, I spent six months in Leipzig, where I did an internship and worked for a company specialising in the farming of the black soldier fly.”

What career opportunities do you have after your studies?

“The programme equips graduates with a wide range of career paths, from research and engineering to consulting, across various sectors. The flexibility allows for a seamless transition into either academia or industry, providing a wealth of opportunities.”

What do you do dream about doing in five years?

“In five years, I envision myself in a secure job within a company actively working towards sustainability. My dream is to contribute significantly to this endeavour, playing my part in making a positive impact.”

Why did you choose to study in Sweden and Borås?

“My decision to study in Sweden, specifically in Borås, was driven by the uniqueness of the programme. I was open to studying anywhere affordable, and Sweden, with its renowned Scandinavian education system, stood out. The programme in Borås aligned perfectly with my interests and promised a truly distinctive educational experience.”

What is the student city of Borås like?

“Borås, being a small Swedish city, is incredibly welcoming to international students. Its manageable size makes getting around easy, whether on foot, bike, or public transport. Nature is close by, and for the moments when you crave for a bigger city, Gothenburg is just a stone’s throw away.”

Where is your favourite place on campus?

“My favourite place on campus must be the table tennis table in the courtyard of the library building. It's the perfect spot to unwind during breaks, take a mental break from exam preparation, and spend time with friends.”

What tips do you have for those considering applying to the same programme as you?

“Before diving in, take a good look at the programme syllabus, dig into the faculty's research areas, and see if they align with your interests. This will give you a good sense of what to expect and whether the programme is the right fit for you. Enjoying what you do makes the whole journey much more fulfilling.”

Why should people study at the University of Borås?

”It offers relatively small classes, fostering strong relationships with teachers and providing excellent support. This creates an ideal learning environment, making it a compelling choice for prospective students.”

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Master's programme in Resource Recovery - Biotechnology and Bioeconomy


Text: Sara Lundgren
Photo: Sara Lundgren

Published 2024-01-24