Ewa Carlsson Lalloo

Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare
— Department of Caring Science

Telephone: 033-435 4789

Email: ewa.carlsson_lalloo@hb.se

Room number: D711

Signature: EWCA

My name is Ewa Carlsson Lalloo. I am a registered nurse and have a PhD in health care sciences. I work at the University of Borås at the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare (A2) in the Department of Caring Science, where I have been teaching on the nursing program since the spring of 2021.

Prior to this, I was involved in healthcare development in the Västra Götaland Region in Sweden, primarily in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), but also within cancer care. This position gave me valuable experience of project work and healthcare improvement. Previously, I was a practicing registered nurse at the Clinic of Infectious Diseases, Södra Älvsborg Hospital in Borås. Here, I became aware of the need for increased knowledge regarding women living with HIV, in particular concerning issues related to sexual and reproductive health. This led to the start of my PhD at the University of Gothenburg, while still a clinically practicing nurse, and in 2019 I defended my thesis titled "Sexuality in women living with HIV".

As a result of the studies within the framework of the thesis, but also through clinical experience, my conviction about the importance of working with sustainable development has evolved. Striving to achieve global goals is, for me, fundamentally about having an inclusive approach and a belief in human rights. This defines me as a person, teacher and researcher.

Currently, I am involved in research projects in different areas. One of these concerns people living with HIV and how different factors relating to their quality of life are affected. This work includes projects on sexuality and childbirth, treatment results and ageing with HIV in Sweden. Another of my research areas is person-centered care, where one of the projects is about implementation research; this is being conducted in cooperation with a national research group at the Gothenburg Center for Person-Centered Care. In addition, I plan to set up a midwifery training course in the Democratic Republic of Congo with a focus on person-centered care and human rights; this is being conducted in cooperation with midwives at the University of Gothenburg.