Computer-based examination in WISEflow

When sitting an exam in WISEflow it is your responsibility as a student to see to that your computer is prepared in the right way. Please read the important information below on how to prepare your computer!

If you do not have a laptop you can borrow one by sending an email to providing the information stated below. Note that you have to do that at least 7 days prior to the exam day to be guaranteed one. Also note that you can only book a computer for  on campus exams!

Important information to send by email when want to borrow a computer:
  • Your full namn
  • Name of the exam (course)
  • Exam date

Send the email to

The digital exams in WISEflow could be given both as exam on campus or as home exam.

Your teacher will inform you if any of your exams will be given in WISEflow.


You are also welcome to visit us on our drop-in on Thursdays 14:00–15:00 at the Student Centre on B3 (Balder) if you have any questions about WISEflow examination.

Note! The DROP-IN is closed for now, due to the corona pandemic

Important information for when you should sit an exam in WISEflow using your own laptop (BYOD)

Get started guide for participants

Current exams in WISEflow