Zoom-supervised distance examinations

Zoom-supervised exams take place using two devices:

  1. One device, a computer, where you are connected and logged in to the system where the exam is distributed and the answers are uploaded, i.e. Canvas or WISEflow.
  2. Another device, usually a smartphone (or alternatively another computer or a tablet with a webcam) that is used to show the workspace from the side.

It is the examiner who decides whether the exam should be conducted with Zoom supervision. You will receive information from your teacher about how your particular exam will be conducted.

If you feel that you absolutely do not have the prerequisites regarding a suitable place/room in order to complete the Zoom-supervised exam as described below, you can book a group room at the university and sit there. Regarding a possible lack of equipment, you must contact the Student Reception (Studentexpedition), which makes an assessment of measures in each individual case.

Below is a description of the rules for Zoom-supervised exams, how to go about preparing for them, and how the exams are conducted. It is important that you read all the sections.


Preparations well in advance of the exam day (at least a couple of days before)

Preparations the day before the exam

Preparations for the exam day

During the exam