Use of the computer network

User access

Active students, faculty and staff at the University of Borås are provided with a computer account for access to the computer network. The use of the computer facilities is granted to the undersigned only. It is not allowed to let another person use your username and password. To verify your access to the computer network you may be asked to provide proper identification.

You are personally responsible for all network traffic that origins from the use of your account and you must keep the password to the account to yourself. If your password or account information is revealed or stolen, you must immediately report this to the IT Department.

User conduct

You are to follow the rules set by SUNET (Swedish University Network). The ethical rules deem it unethical when anyone (quote):

  • Attempts to access network resources without the proper access or authorization
  • Attempts to hide their network identity except in the cases when it has explicitly been approved to do so.
  • Attempts to disrupt or interrupt the normal use of the network
  • Obviously wastes available resources (staff, hardware or software, bandwidth)
  • Attempts to harm or destroy any information, be it computer based or otherwise.
  • Trespasses on other peoples private life
  • Insults, humiliates or abuses other users

SUNET also have other rules regarding, among other things, security which you are obliged to follow. These can be downloaded from the SUNET website at

The network at the University of Borås and other connected networks are to be seen as open networks which mean that the risk of someone eavesdropping on your traffic is always present. This means that sensitive information which needs to be transferred over the network should be protected in a secure way, for example by using encrypted communications. Never send passwords over the network in clear text through mail or similar communications.


The password must be of good quality and changed at regular interval. Passwords are personal and should be kept confidential.

  • Minimum of eight characters and no more than twelve. No non-standard ASCII letters are to be used such as special characters like the Swedish å, ä or ö.
  • Not to be a word that exists in a dictionary as well as not a name of a person or pet.
  • Not to be any word written backwards or with a simple number or character put before or after. These passwords are too easy to break.
  • Not to be other easily recognizable strings; QWERTY, ADSFGH, your car license, telephone etc.
  • A good password could for example be misspelled and/or have letters in between.

Network services

Servers or similar services such as file sharing software and/or equipment not provided by the University of Borås may only be connected to the university network after the explicit consent of the Computer Services Office. Internet access for devices not belonging to the University of Borås is provided in a separate guest network. The device must be updated and virus-free prior to connection to the university network.

Logging of network traffic

By approving this user agreement you also approve that the University of Borås store personal information about you in their computer network as well as log network traffic originating from your user account and that these logs may be viewed by IT Security Officers at the Computer Services Office.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply with any of the above rules and regulations may result in suspension from the network as well as other disciplinary or legal actions.