Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business

Within the Faculty, you will find environments with both breath and depth in the three areas of textiles, engineering, and business.  High-quality education and research is conducted here in close collaboration with the wider community.

The Faculty is home to three of the university’s six research areas: Resource Recovery, Textiles and Fashion, and Business and IT. The first two areas are complete environments with undergraduate programmes up to doctoral studies and research, in which everything is closely linked to sustainable development and industry. The university has had its own rights to grant doctoral degrees since 2010. The Faculty also includes the Swedish School of Textiles and the Centre for Sustainable Society Development.

The Faculty is organised into five departments: the Department of Business Administration and Textile Management, the Department of Engineering, the Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology, the Department of Textile Technology, and the Department of Design, as well as high-quality and unique lab environments: textile labs, technology labs, and the Retail Lab.  The labs are used in both education and research.

The Faculty has approximately 5,000 students and just over 200 employees. Our work is based on four strategies – to be cross-disciplinary, international, visible, and to have a focus on quality.

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The Faculty’s educational areas


Faculty research areas

Business and IT
Resource Recovery
Textiles and Fashion