Strategic funding from the Vice-Chancellor

Each year there is strategic funding available from the Vice-Chancellor in accordance with a decision from the Governing Board of the University of Borås. The purpose of this funding is to give the university the opportunity to develop its operations in accordance with its established goals and strategies.

The Vice-Chancellor distributes some of this funding on a yearly basis to development projects that are in line with the university’s strategies: Digitalisation, Continually developing distinctive education and research, Environments for learning and Together and in collaboration. Read more about the strategies,

Applications are processed twice a year and can be submitted no later than 31/3 or 15/9.

Note! At present it is not possible to apply for projects in either education or research.

Application process

Part 1 of the application

Part 1 of the application, template

Part 2 of the application

When the project is completed

Funded projects spring 2023

Funded projects autumn 2022

Funded projects spring 2022

Funded projects autumn 2021

Funded projects spring 2021