Rights and obligations

Work environment

The university is your workplace, so it is important that you have a good working environment. The study areas, for example, should be ergonomically, it should be possible for you to bring your own food, there should be suitable equipment and well adapted rest areas.

Remember that you are an important part of the work environment. Show consideration for your fellow students and teachers and their working environment.


The schedule of lectures, tutorials, group work, etc. should be completed in good time so that you can plan your studies. Some elements of teaching are always mandatory, such as exams. Other scheduled elements could be compulsory but it must be clearly stated.

It is not permissible for the teacher to make the lectures compulsory to raise attendance.


You must have teachers with pedagogical and subject-related skills. This means that the teachers should be knowledgeable about the subject they teach, and be able to help you as a student to learn.

Course evaluation

At the end of each course, you and your fellow students should do a course evaluation. The results of the evaluations, accompanied by teachers' reflections will be compiled into a course evaluation. You will get information about the results of the evaluation, and when a new course starts you can find out what the students who read the course before you thought. You should also get to know what changes have been made in the course and why.

If you are not given information about previous evaluations, ask for it.

The student union

It is possible to influence the University's activities by engaging in the student union. Most of the university's governing body has student representation from the student union and in this way it is possible to influence.

All information about the student union can be found on their website (external link)

Student Ombudsman

if you have questions or concerns about how you have been treated at the university during your time studying you are welcome to contact the Student Ombudsman.

Read more about the Student Ombudsman.

Studying with a disability

As a student with a disability, you are entitled to certain support functions during your study.

Read more about support for students with disabilities.

Student insurance

As a student you are insured while studying. It means you are insured on the way to and from the university or work-based internship and on the University premises.

All information on insurance can be found on the Kammarkollegiet website (external link)