If you have a HB computer you can find the software at Start, HB, Statistics. If you have a home computer you can follow the instructions below.

To activate the license code, you must be connected to the Internet. Alternatively, you can call and activate the code, follow the instructions when activating.

If you have the correct version installed but need to activate the new license code, go to Start > Programs > SPSS License Authorization Wizard and follow the instructions.

You can download the program via the link below, when the file is downloaded you start the program, this will then unpack and start the installation.
The program must be installed with a "Single user license".

SPSS Version 28

License key SPSS Version 28

Installation file SPSS Version 28 for PC

Installation file SPSS Version 28 for Mac

AMOS Version 28

Only for Windows

License key AMOS Version 28

Installation file AMOS Version 28 for PC