Application process

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

The undergraduate education, organised in different programmes, are aimed at future librarians and information specialists: the bachelors programmes in Librarianship and the Programme in Digital Information Design and Development respectively. We also have a variety of campus and distance master's programmes.

SSLIS does currently not, however, admit non-Swedish speaking international students to undergraduate/bachelor degree programmes unless you have passed a mandatory language exam given by the state authorities. This applies to all undergraduate/bachelor level students at the University except for those arriving on exchange programmes from one of our partner universities.

Master's Degree Programme in English

A completely English speaking master's programme, Information Science: Digital Environments, is offered, to which you are welcome to apply. Besides this English programme, SLISS offers several master's programmes with different focuses. These are in Swedish.

Information Science: Digital Environments

Courses in English for Exchange Students

We offer a variety of courses given in English for our Exchange students.
You can find courses for exchange students on the university's main site.