Textile management

All Textile Management courses examine issues that are important to the fashion and textile industry from the point of view of customers, companies, and society. This means that the programmes include courses in business administration, fashion, textile and fashion production, product characteristics, and consumer behaviour. Our programmes also include opportunities for study abroad. 

Each programme focuses on a specific part of the fashion industry. Our Bachelor’s Programme in Textile Management and Business Administration looks at business decisions and strategic planning in relation to purchasing and textile production. Our Bachelor’s Programme in Textile Management with a Specialisation in Fashion and Retail focuses more around the consumer when it comes to sales and marketing in the fashion industry. At the Master’s level, you can specialise in either fashion management or logistics and management of textile value chains. 

As teaching staff and researchers in Textile Management, we are experts in the areas covered by the programmes. We all have different educational and research backgrounds, both nationally and internationally, making our perspective broad and varied in order to understand the world of fashion. Among other things, we are studying future circular business models, which is about how clothes can be reused several times through e.g. secondhand and reuse. Another example of studies is how new products and services are developed through collaboration between companies, researchers, and other organisations. A third example is the study of how social media shopping works and what it means for the fashion industry. So if you are interested in fashion, the fashion industry, and its role in society, then this subject area is for you. Welcome to Textile Management! 


Study programmes in textile management


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At the Swedish School of Textiles creativity and theory are combined with practical work in our machine parks and laboratories.

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