Management of B2B relations

Management of B2B relations

Traditional research topics such as strategic management, organisation theory, and supply chain management are used as perspectives and frames for the research.

This means that areas such as industrial marketing, sales, supplier development, and professional purchasing are included also in addition to theoretical frameworks, such as resource-based view and dynamic capabilities and, finally, corporate governance and leadership.

Furthermore, the functions and topics of strategic management, B2B relationship management, and service management are utilised within this research group.

The focus on B2B relationships within the field of microeconomics should also be viewed as being embedded into the macroeconomic environment and the political side of business behaviour.

This means that effects created in the areas of geopolitics, macroeconomics, and international trade forms a surrounding reality to the B2B relationships and strategies of the involved micro economical actors. The analysis utilises mainly a systems perspective or a network approach as well as being understood through incentive structures and/or power relationships.