Switching from Google to Microsoft 365

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To use Microsoft products, you must enable multi-factor sign-in on your account. You can follow the activation guide via Guide to enable multi-factor login.

If you have already activated multi-factor login on your account, you can log in directly to your email via outlook.hb.se

Existing student

Note that you can no longer use the Gmail app or existing email settings.

See our Outlook guide for students.

You can no longer access Google's products and they will only be accessible in the form of an 'archive'. This means, for example, that you can't create new documents in Google Drive but only read existing ones, and in Gmail, and you can't send or receive any new emails but only read the existing ones.

This means that as a student, you have access to Microsoft's products such as Exchange Online (Outlook), Office Online, OneDrive, and Teams instead of Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Chat, etc.

If you are an active student, you will have access to the "archive" until the end of December 2025. If you have finished your studies, your Google account will be deleted on the same time as your student account, which is one and  half a year after your last active registration has expired.

You must move your data yourself

There will be no automatic transfer of data from Google; rather, you as a student are responsible for moving the data you want to save.

After 5–6 August, you can view your data in Google, which can make it difficult to move. This means that you will have access to your Google content, but in read-only mode. For tips on how to move your data, see https://www.hb.se/en/student/support/it-office/e-mail/switching-from-google-to-microsoft/export-data-from-google/

For any questions, please contact it@hb.se.