Zoom Etiquette

All codes of conduct that a class has while on campus also apply to Zoom.

See below for what applies:

1. Be on time to class, preferably a couple of minutes before the class starts so you can be fully prepared and have sorted all the technical aspect before the class starts.

2. Name yourself as “First Name Last name” or “First Name/First letter of your last name.” Do not use made-up names.

3. Look presentable on Zoom. Do not lie in bed and yawn while wearing pajamas during class. Our recommendation is that you sit at a desk or table. These are the most ergonomic choices and you will avoid back and neck pain in the long run.

4. If you as a student do not wish for your home to be visible, you may use a virtual background on Zoom which is plain with no designs or figures. Keep it professional.

5. Only comments related to class and study topics may be written in the chat.

6. Do not speak while someone else is speaking. Raise your hand using the function “raise hand” if you want to say something.

7. Keep your microphone turned off during class to avoid background noise. If you want to say something, you will of course have to activate the microphone.

8. If you have trouble finding a quiet place for you to study at home, remember that students who have an access card may use the university’s facilities.

Students who do not follow these rules will, as in regular class sessions, be asked to leave Zoom and a disciplinary case may be started.