Distance students

This web page describes the different services you can use at the library, and how you use them.

How to use resources in the library's electronic collections

The library has a large amount of electronic resources such as databases, electronic journals and e-books. You can access all of these from home by logging in with your user account (S-number and password).

Borrow and order materials from the library's printed collections

As a distance student living outside Borås municipality, you can get books you want to borrow sent to you from the library. The books are then sent home to you at no cost, but you have to pay for the postage for the return of the books. The library doesn’t sent course books to distance students who reside outside Sweden's borders, however, it is possible to order books that’s not course literature.

The loan period for books varies depending on whether the book in question is course literature at the University of Borås or not.

Order a book

Book orders are made in the library's search service Primo. You search for the book in Primo, log in with your user account (S-number + password) and open the bibliographic post for the book.

In the post for the book, click the Make a request link (visible only if you are logged in):

In the next step, select Pickup Location: Home Address. As soon as you click Send Request, the order is placed. If the book is available and is on the shelf, the book will be sent to you. If the book is on loan, you have now made a reservation for the book, and as soon as it is your turn to get the book, it will be sent to you.

Order an article

If you want to order a copy of an article that is in one of the library's printed journals, it costs 40 SEK (no matter how long the article is). The fee is paid via the payment card attached when the article is sent to you. Please note that parts of books cannot be ordered as copies.

Interlibrary loans

If you need literature that is not in the library’s collections, the library can borrow it from another library and pass it on to you, this is called an interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loans can be sent home to you if you live outside Borås municipality.

You can also order copies of articles that’s not available at the university library. The cost for this is the same as for articles you order from the library collections.

Return books

When you want to return your books, you send them to the following address:

University of Borås
501 90 Borås

Pay overdue fines

If books are returned late, it means that you have to pay an overdue fine. The fine can be paid remotely or on site in the library.

Support and services from the library

As a distance student, you have access to the support and services that the library offers. Many of the library's services are available on the web, but if you have any questions, you can contact us via email or phone.