Written Communication Skills

About Written Communication

You can receive advice on the best way to improve your written communication skills with focus on academic language. Language Support is available in Swedish and English for all registered students at University of Borås, and in connection with assignments that is part of the programme course here.

Among other things, you can:

  • receive feedback on part of text
  • discuss comments you might have received about your text
  • receive advice and tips on how to develop your writing skills regarding for instance, vocabulary, organisation of text, handling documents and templates
  • receive help to create a long term plan for improving your written skills based on your needs

You may not receive:

  • Views on subject specific matter
  • Proofreading, correction and editing

Develop Writing Skills

If you want to develop your writing skills in an academic setting you are welcome to:

Contact - Language Advisors

Johanna Persson

Oral and Written Communication
Phone: 033-435 4265
Room number: J 437
E-mail: johanna.persson@hb.se


Anna Ekman

Oral and Written Communication
033-435 4117
Room number: J 436
E-mail: anna.ekman@hb.se