Elin Melin

I have been in the shoe industry for over twelve years now, and in design for seven of them. Starting my design education at London College of Fashion, I decided to focus on my making skills at  an early stage. Everything I have ever made, shoe-wise, I have been physically and technically involved in making. 

After my graduation from my Master’s degree in Fashion Footwear in 2012, and before my employment at the major Swedish footwear company, Vagabond, I had the chance to work with customising footwear for artists’ and musicians’ performances. 

I aim to continue to work with footwear and accessories as one-off pieces, and perhaps expand this in the future to have both a customised and a ready-to-wear line. Because for me, the handicraft and technical development, is something I wish to be involved in, no matter what I do in terms of employment or if I am running my own business. It is a dying handcraft and expertise that I wish to practice and develop for as long as I am a shoemaker.

Elins design "Being Proud"

Elin Melin