Loose Threads

Traces of a soul 

My aim is to capture and express a soul; something which is alive. This is the purpose of the embroideries on this outfit. They are also a textile portrait of me, where my hand and my stitches make something physical and unique. It is also a contrast to the digitised world in which we live. 
The colour scale is light to put focus on the materials, craftsmanship and body.

This work is based on an earlier work, Roots, where I researched Swedish craftsmanship expressed through wool embroideries. Normally Swedish traditional folk costumes are very colourful and the embroideries perfectly sewn. But in this outfit the colours are toned down in order to let the hand, threads and materials form the handwriting and build the soul of the embroidery so that the traces of a persona is still visible in the work.

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Material & Technique

The materials are selected to enhance the contrasts between body and textile, combining dull and shiny surfaces.
Vest with hand-stitched embroidery sewn on embroidery counted- thread cotton canvas. Top and pants in delicate, transparent organza. 


  • Craftmanship
  • Tactility
  • Uniqueness
  • Perishability