Introduktion till livscykelanalys - distanskurs

Welcome to Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment!

The aim of this course is for students to develop the skills of life cycle thinking in environmental issues and to gain an understanding of the principles and structure of a life cycle assessment (LCA). The course covers the five stages of the LCA framework, namely goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation. It also covers important concepts such as definition of the functional unit, identification and delimitation of the system boundaries, and allocation problems.

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Pedro Brancoli


Termin: Våren 2021
Kurskod: A167TG
Typ av kurs: Sommarkurs
Studietakt: Deltid 50%
Studietid: Blandade tider
Studieort: Ortsoberoende
Studieperiod: 2021-06-07 - 2021-08-22


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Kursansvarig Pedro Brancoli

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