Engelska som världsspråk

During the course, we will discuss the position of the English language from historical, economic and political perspectives, as well as read and discuss a range of literature from various parts of the English-speaking world.

First meeting 17 January

The course will be held in English, and will include lectures, seminars and group work. All or meetings will take place on-line, starting on the 17th January and continuing every other week up until the 29th May.


Details of the schedule


All our meetings will be on Zoom at this link: https://hb-se.zoom.us/j/62439864039

While participating you will able to access the Canvas Learning Management System for the course. The Canvas site contains information and documents relating to the course (including the literature list), and provides a way of communicating with the course teachers and other students.

To prepare for our first meeting

Read Chapter one in Melchers, Gunnel; Shaw, Philip & Sundqvist, Peter (2019). World Englishes.


There are two forms of examination in the course. The first is active participation in seminar discussions of literature, while the second examination is a hand-in written paper on societal issues that are related to the global use of English.

Along with the other course teachers, I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Best wishes, Richard Baldwin, Course co-ordinator


Termin: Våren2024 Kurskod: CEVS10 Typ av kurs: Fristående Studietakt: Deltid 25% Studietid: Blandade tider Studieort: Ortsoberoende Studieperiod: 2024-01-15 — 2024-06-02


Kursen ges vid Akademin för bibliotek, information, pedagogik och IT (A3).

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E-post: a3@hb.se
Telefon: 033-435 4013 (telefontid varje vardag kl. 10:00–12:00)

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Kursansvarig: Richard Baldwin


Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)