Interaktionsdesign: Process och metod

The teaching will be done largely using the “flipped classroom” instructional strategy, which means that you will study theory independently but with the support of course literature, recorded lectures, films, etc. In parallel with learning the theoretical knowledge, you will work on a practical project in which you, as part of a group, develop a prototype through an incremental design process.

You will start with sketching as a method for developing a conceptual design idea, and then, incrementally, develop the level of detail. The goal is to create a digital prototype. 

Scheduled workshops, tutorials, and seminars will take place via Zoom; unique web links for each occasion will be provided. For these course components, a computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers is necessary.

We will provide you with a schedule closer to the start of the course.


Termin: Våren2024 Kurskod: C3FID1 Typ av kurs: Fristående Studietakt: Deltid 50% Studietid: Dag Studieort: Ortsoberoende Studieperiod: 2024-03-21 — 2024-06-02


Kursen ges vid Akademin för bibliotek, information, pedagogik och IT (A3).

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Kursansvarig: Malin Billqvist Ung


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