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Echeverri, P., & Salomonson, N. (2019), Consumer vulnerability during mobility service interactions: causes, forms and coping, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 35 (3-4), pp. 364-389. DOI: 10.1080/0267257X.2019.1568281

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Research on how vulnerable consumers navigate various marketplacesand service interactions, developing specific consumer skillsin order toempower themselves during such exchanges, has receivedinadequate attention. This paper contributes to this area by empiricallydrawing on amulti-perspective go-along travel study, consistingof a combination of in-depth interviews and observations of consumerand service provider interactions inmobility services. It addressesboth factors that are a source of vulnerability and forms thereofduring service interactions, thus unearthing critical mechanismsthat explain why vulnerability comes into being. Further, the findingof four distinct forms of active coping strategies, building on thedimensions of proactiveness/reactiveness and explicit/implicit articulation,and how these are related to different forms of vulnerability,provides an understanding of coping with vulnerability during consumerand service provider interactions.